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Implementation Through Focus & Human Engagement

As a kickboxing trainer, I have to prepare for class by studying the lesson plan and visualizing how I'm going to lead my class through engagement strategies. Some days I have tenured students, which is much easier as far as form, but not in creativity. They are looking for something new they have never tried or maybe a form we haven't worked on in a while. On other days I may have new students attending their first class. This requires more focus on how I will implement, enough so the student wants to return.

The same applies when we are leading a team. If we have tenured staff do we deputize them to assist, so we can focus on the newbies? I implement this tactic as it builds value and shows tenured students I trust them to help lead. I don't have to give them a free class or gear to help out, they are honored. I can see the pride on their faces when I ask for assistance. It's in the way you frame the ask!

Think of all the moving parts here: memorizing the lesson plan, having an A, B & C game plan ready on who will be attending, effective engagement for both tenured and non-tenured students, and most importantly the impact your class will have.

I never want a team of people to leave one of my coaching sessions feeling like nothing was gained. Whether on the kickboxing mat or consulting a team.

Let me assist your business in taking your game plan and implementing strategies immediately. "Win your employee's hearts" #ROI #Value #Implemntation #Fun

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