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I have had some interesting conversations over the past year with colleagues & clients about factors contributing to the Quiet Quitting statistics. People are voluntarily exiting and saying their manager or organization could have prevented them from leaving. Think of the billions in revenue companies lose due to disengaged workers.

I thought I would share some common feedback and simple best practices:

1. My manager decided what my job responsibilities are and they keep changing them. I feel like I have no say and grossly undervalued.

Ask to work with the employee on goals and responsibilities. Remind them that they can be tweaked as needed. If the department or company goals are transparent to the employee, it won’t make them feel like their responsibilities popped out of thin air. I don’t know how many times I hear people say management decided they should be making this many calls and sending out these many emails per week. Your front line knows more than anyone in the organization; they are your biggest brand. (Engagement Tool)

2. Many employees can do more than what they were hired for. How about asking what else they would like to do and then taking it to the next level and helping open that door? (Dangle The Carrot Tool)

3. Barking orders and not enough praise. Give your employee specific & authentic praise and make it known throughout the organization. Sometimes I have engaged my C-level team in sending a note of congratulations or making a phone call to that person. I can’t tell you the instant lift this provides. (Praise Tool)

4. You can’t move up until you find your replacement. How about delegating and slowly grooming that employee for more responsibility? Have them shadow your calls, and let them know you have people counting on them. Paint the bigger picture of how they will grow in contributing to the organization. Most folks don’t want to let themselves, their peers, or their boss down. (Succession Planning Tool)

Simple stuff right? Agree, now let's start engaging more!

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